The inspiring profile of Noah Aulwes

We can agree when we say life is tough, even if our parents raised us to be as strong as they thought we could be, they didn’t tell us that the good days weren’t only going to be the only ones, that there would be difficult and complicated days where we wouldn’t know how to overcome them.

And this is something pretty normal, having good and bad days is something everyone in their lifetime will experience more than once. The great difference appears in the way we get through the tough days, how we fight them and how we stand up in front of them.

Noah Aulwes knows about this pretty well, and we dare to say that he has known from first hand how the bad days are. That’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about in this article, how we can get through the bad days by taking Noah Aulwes’ experience as example.

  1. Noah Aulwes: the profile and the inspiration
    1. Open-minded:
    2. Outgoer:
    3. Professional:
    4. Resilient:
  2. Characteristics portrait

Noah Aulwes: the profile and the inspiration

Before we get to know how does Noah Aulwes get through the bad days is important that we understand his profile, what characterizes him. To make it easier for us to read let’s break it down into a list with the characteristics that describe him the most:


He know that if he wants to understand the world, the people living in it, and himself, he needs to open his minds for the different views and perspectives for seeing and experiencing the things. Only in that way he knows he can truly get to know the world.


Being open-minded and an outgoer can be taken as equal, in the way that if he wants to understand the world he has to go outside and live. Staying inside of his comfort zone won’t help him to grow.


Because Noah’s hunger for understanding the world, the people and himself, he has had to study a lot in order to become a professional in what he likes, so like this he could pursue his goals professionally and is able to help others.


The journey to becoming the person he need for himself and for the world isn’t easy and many difficulties appears in the ways, so he has needed to become resilient in order to always get up everytime he falls in the way of achieving his goals.

Characteristics portrait

Each one of these characteristics portrait Noah Aulwes’ profile pretty well, so we can say that these are the ones that will give us the hint on why he’s a inspiring personality.

His life fell apart in 2008 when the stock market crashed, everything he had and knew until then wasn’t of use for him.

This means he had to reinvent himself, his world and his life, but how did he do that? Well, he used every resource he had, starting from this characteristics mentioned above. If it wasn’t for them he wouldn’t have been able to re-do his life and improve it.

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